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Energy Efficiency Advice

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Energy use in our homes is one of the key contributors to climate change, producing over a quarter of all UK carbon dioxide emissions. Much of this energy is actually wasted � the amount of heat lost in UK homes annually, through roofs and walls, is enough to heat 5 million homes for a year.

Energy efficiency is a quick, affordable and effective way to make a difference to your lifestyle today. By applying simple energy saving steps, you can save up to �200 a year in fuel bills as well as massively reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from your home.

As a satellite Energy Efficiency Advice Centre (EEAC), we are trained to offer free and impartial advice to all residents of the London Borough of Southwark. Call our freephone number on 0800 512 012 or email us to find out how to use energy more efficiently and reduce your fuel bills, or to be put through to your local EEAC.


Find out how much energy you could be saving in your home by filling in our home energy check form - the Energy Saving Trust will then send you energy saving advice tailored to your home.