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What do our audits involve?

Our basic Energy Audit package for a small or medium sized business or office provides a half-day site visit, creation of an inventory of all energy using equipment, data analysis and the production of a detailed report presenting practical recommendations tailored to your organisation�s needs. Larger or significantly more complex buildings will require more time.

Naturally, we wish to deliver a useful audit that matches your requirements. Therefore, at the outset we will discuss what you want from the audit and tailor it accordingly. Each audit is bespoke and covers a range of detailed information including a comparison of your energy performance against other similar businesses, an analysis of staff behaviour, and a breakdown of the financial and environmental benefits achieved through the recommended measures.

Our Energy & Environmental Audit includes the full range of information and advice of the Energy Audit package but, in addition, considers waste, water, staff transport and procurement issues. The environmental audit will generally require a full day site visit and will take a little longer than the energy audit. The final report will provide recommendations on reducing the buildings ecological footprint and quantify the environmental and financial gains that result.

We can then help you to use the Audit Report to take action within your organisation and will deliver a presentation on the audit�s findings.