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Car Clubs

Many companies maintain car pools to manage their business travel requirements. Car clubs work in a similar way to a pool fleet, but your company will only pay for the time the vehicle is in use, enabling you to save money and reduce the size of the fleet.

According to the Department for Transport, with an assumed cost of �400 per parking space, a site employing 2,000 staff is likely to reduce car parking costs by between �100,000 and �300,000 per year through the use of car clubs.

As fewer people would need to bring a car to work, the pressure on workplace parking is reduced, while allowing staff to hire the vehicles for private use can provide an income source and a new employee benefit. The �Rideshare� approach tackles the problem of commuting by providing transport for employees. This also helps to reduce congestion and pollution through a reduction of single-occupancy cars on the roads during rush hour.

By becoming either a corporate member of a car club or developing a car pool into a more sustainable asset, your company will be making a significant contribution towards reducing your environmental impact, while demonstrating corporate social responsibility.