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Mobility Management

Mobility management is a positive and effective response to transport demand and urban travel problems. By employing a management approach to these challenges, your company is able to make more efficient use of transportation resources. Benefits include reduced congestion, road and parking facility cost savings, user savings, increased safety, increased travel choice, reduced pollution, and energy savings.

We offer the following mobility management services:

Travel Planning

The Government is encouraging employers to develop travel plans, aimed at reducing single-occupancy car use for travel to work and travel for business. We have prepared travel plans for a range of organisations, from identifying initial travel patterns, to developing and implementing recommendations, and monitoring success over a period of time. This means we are well placed to assist businesses in producing their own travel plans, including property developers.

Travel Awareness

We conduct extended campaigns or one off travel awareness events to alert people to the impacts of their travel choices, promoting a shift to more sustainable options such as walking or cycling.

Our Resources page contains links to further information on mobility management, with case studies describing some interesting projects we have been involved in.