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Top Tips for your Home

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Saving energy saves you money - and it doesn�t have to cost anything to start today. Here are some easy steps that can make a difference in your home:

� Reducing the temperature of your home by 1�C can save up to 10 % on your fuel bill. (The optimum room temperature is 21�C).

� It�s more efficient to turn your heating down than to open a window.

� Reflective panels on an outside wall behind water filled radiators can reduce your energy use � make your own from aluminium foil, or buy them from a DIY shop.

� Insulating your home makes a big difference to your energy efficiency. Something as simple as drawing the curtains will hugely reduce your energy loss.

� Make sure you only put cool food in your fridge or freezer, so they don�t have to work harder to maintain the same temperature

� Save water and energy by having a shower � five 5 minute showers cost the same as a single bath.

� When using washing machines or dishwashers, run economy programmes or wait until you have a full load.

� Switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use � leaving TVs and computers on standby wastes energy and costs you money.

� Low energy lightbulbs are more expensive to buy but are 5 times more efficient and last 12 times as long as ordinary bulbs. For each bulb you fit, you could save up to �7 on your annual electricity bill, or �65 over the lifetime of the bulb.