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Travel Awareness

The choices that people make about school travel are influenced by their perceptions of safety and security. While parents may feel that driving their children to school protects them from road accidents, or the threat from strangers, the increased traffic around the school gates can heighten the risk of accidents happening.

Children who are driven to school also miss out on the exercise and social interaction that can be gained from walking or cycling.

Providing people with more information about the relative impacts of different ways of travelling to school, together with ways to improve their options for transport, enables schools to reduce the impacts of the school run.

We offer support to schools to promote awareness of transport issues and encourage sustainable travel choices amongst pupils, staff and parents. This can include producing educational materials, working with schools to generate enthusiasm, and organising events that highlight the impacts of transport and the benefits of the alternatives to travelling by car.

For further information on travel awareness activities in schools, visit the Resources page, with case studies describing some of our school travel awareness projects.